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Relieve Childhood Asthma with Bowen Therapy
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The Bowen Release Move changes a life
Written by Alastair Rattay.   Published on 12 December 2015.

I just had to share with you how immensely Bowen is changing my life! Since talking with you and practicing the release move many times a day I have gotten it down and am feeling incredible healing! At first I knew I was doing it right as I would very quickly feel my diaphragm open and lungs relax. The first couple days I practiced it was as if my body was learning to reorient how to breathe naturally again (remember I have had asthma since I was 2, almost 43 years). Even though my breathing felt freer and I could exhale, my breath wasn't quite sure where to go when I'd inhale. I would become short of breath in a different way if I talked or moved around too much yet I was beginning to feel a new-found ease in my body I had not felt before. Then during periods of rest my breathing would become so open and deep that I would feel my entire body go into a deep sense of peace and relaxation. My lungs would feel completely empty when I'd exhale and I'm sure in these moments deep healing is taking place.

I believe I have probably been a "chest breather" my whole life and for the first time I am getting to feel what it feels like to breathe normally and have my parasympathetic nervous system turned on naturally the way it should be. I believe my whole life I have had to put effort into staying relaxed and calm and never have experienced such deep peace from just breathing.

As I became more used to this sensation I began being more conscious of keeping my belly relaxed when moving around and talking. This helped to sustain my deep breathing and whenever the slightest bit of tension would come back I'd do the release move. Each day my breathing is starting to stay in this deep place longer and longer on its own. I can only imagine the changes that will take place in my overall health as this way of breathing becomes habit and I no longer need my inhaler. I have barely used it in the last couple days and not at all today which is unheard of in my life from where I was this weekend. If I had not gotten in for Bowen and then spoken with you I do believe I would've ended up in the hospital.

Your guidance, my Bowen therapist and of course Bowen have given me a new life. One that I have never experienced before and my husband and children will finally get to have the healthy wife and mom they deserve!

Sorry for such a long email but I thought you might like to hear my positive update!

Much gratitude,

Your description of moving my thumb down just the amount of a light switch and to not slide my thumb down but just apply gentle pressure really helped me finally get it. I even used it yesterday for my daughter for stage fright as she has been performing in a Christmas play and gets anxious and stomach aches before her play.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! I plan to greatly spread the word about Bowen!
Thanks Tracey

Dear Tracey
It is an excellent move for anxiety as well. A young boy locally who had a little bit of a breathing problem I taught the move to to help him. I told him to learn it and it would be useful if he was taking an exam as I reckoned he would soon be taking his "11+" for his 2ndary school. I did not realize he was terrified of going to school. All fixed after that! Then his Father came for treatment as he also suffered from severe panic attacks. Fixed again. I now teach all children how to do it as a move "for Life". Good before exams, tests, interviews, stressful moments, proposing marriage (use twice!!) etc. Alastair

LOL! Wonderful! I would love to add to my testimonial that I believe I have had fee floating anxiety all my life and have also had multiple panic attacks. When my breathing began to shift this week and it would jump from my belly back into my chest I would immediately feel anxiety in my body but this time I knew why and was able to talk myself through it and relax which helped greatly, and then of course I would do the release move again. Doing it as much as possible through first few days after being so sick helped greatly and each day I am improving in leaps and bounds like never before. Not only has Bowen helped to heal my asthma but it is giving me a whole new way to be in the world!

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